• Colombia


    Pictures from my trip to Cartagena, Colombia! Read more

  • Little Hen

    Little Hen

    Little Hen is an English-inspired breakfast and brunch boutique. Read more

  • Le Chick Miami

    Le Chick Miami

    Le Chick Miami is a restaurant and bar located in the heart of Wynwood, specializing in upscale comfort food and craft cocktails. Read more

  • The Perfect Waffle Recipe

    The Perfect Waffle Recipe

    I was gifted with the cutest mini waffle maker recently which inspired me to finally perfect the ultimate waffle recipe. Read more

  • Limonada Bar + Brunch

    Limonada Bar + Brunch

    Chill, lively sports bar with an all-day brunch menu, happy hours, outdoor seating and drinking games. Read more

  • Photo Diary: Turkey

    Photo Diary: Turkey

    Check out my pictures from my time in Istanbul this summer! xo Read more