Twenty-One Promises

As of twenty-four hours ago, I turned the glamorous age of twenty-one, and though it’s only been a day, I’m loving this year already. Looking back at my first  year of my twenties, a time of tremendous change, growth and development, I have to admit everyday I have grown a little bit more in love with the person I am becoming and the direction my life is heading in. It’s been an amazing start to a new decade full of possibilities and surprises, and I’m excited to keep going.

Everyone who really knows me is aware of my obsession with making lists and setting goals for myself to achieve. With that said, I’ve made a list of twenty-one promises of practices and/or habits I hope to start, continue, or stop doing for this promising year of life.

  1. I promise to keep in touch with family and friends more–even if it’s just a simple “hey” on Facebook.
  2. I promise to drink more water–which is easier said than done for someone like me.
  3. I promise to write more frequently–both on my blog and in my journal.
  4. I promise to take more pictures and to finally use the camera I bought.
  5. I promise to travel often and as much as possible.
  6. I promise to devote more of an effort to take care of my natural hair post “big chop.”
  7. I promise to go for every opportunity I desire to have, without fear of being rejected– I’m so over not trying things because I’m scared, a realization I came to after my study abroad experience.
  8. I promise to buy more earrings–I picked up this appreciation for beautiful and colourful earrings from one of my dear friends Emma, who confidently and effortlessly rocks them like it’s her job.
  9. I promise to wear these said earrings and my other jewelry pieces.
  10. I promise to read more and to actually finish the books that I start because I miss that feeling I used to get when I would get so into a book and continue reading into the wee hours of the morning.
  11. I promise to wear lipstick because it makes me feel good–another habit I’ve picked up from my fabulous friend Emma!
  12. I promise to continue correcting people who mispronounce my name because it’s important to me.
  13. I promise to take a dance class! Why not, right?
  14. I promise to finally learn how to cook more than just different variations of pasta so my parents can stop making fun of me.
  15. I promise to do things that make me happy and to let go of things that cause me to feel sad or not at peace.
  16. I promise to pray more and to rid myself of the habit of falling asleep mid-prayer.
  17. I promise to spend more time doing things with my family.
  18. I promise to allow myself to fail at something/grow from situations that make me uncomfortable because that is how I will learn important and valuable lessons.
  19. I promise to bake more…and to actually eat what I make.
  20. I promise to begin watching a new series and put my Gossip Girl and Friends binge-watching sprees on hold.
  21. I promise to continue to love myself and the woman I am becoming.


What are some promises you will make to yourself?



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